Payment options

You can pay with check, PayPal‎ or‎ Zelle‎

Mailing address is

1497 main street suite 121
Dunedin FL 34698

If‎ you‎ would‎ like‎ you‎ can‎ send‎ a‎ payment‎ through‎ Paypal.‎ Please‎ select‎ the‎ friends‎ and‎ family‎ option‎ and‎ make‎ sure‎ you‎ dont‎ have‎ the‎ option‎ check‎ paying‎ for‎ service‎ or‎ good‎ ‎ if‎ you‎ do‎ PayPal,‎ charge‎ a‎ flat‎ fee‎ of‎ 2.9%‎ +‎ $.30‎ US‎ dollars‎ (USD)‎ per‎ transaction‎ that‎ they‎ charge‎ me‎ my‎ Paypal‎ Payment‎ e-mail‎ address‎ is‎ There‎ are‎ no‎ fees‎ incurred‎ if‎ paid‎ with‎ Personal‎ checking‎ account‎ or‎ Paypal‎ account.‎ Payments‎ made‎ with‎ a‎ credit‎ card‎ are‎ charged‎ a‎ fee‎ through‎ Paypal‎ and‎ are‎ the‎ responsibility‎ of‎ the‎ customer.

Or‎ you‎ can‎ use‎ zelle‎ now‎ which‎ is‎ new‎ payment‎ options‎ that‎ alot‎ of‎ banks‎ do‎ now‎ and‎ it‎ free‎ you‎ can‎ log‎ in‎ to‎ your‎ bank‎ and‎ look‎ for‎ zelle‎ there‎ be‎ option‎ to‎ send‎ money‎ and‎ just‎ put‎ my‎ name‎ Shane's‎ Lawn‎ Care‎ and‎ my‎ number or email (727)409-0045 and‎ it‎ will‎ send‎ right‎ to‎ my‎ bank‎ account‎ few‎ of‎ my‎ customers‎ pay‎ that‎ way

Please include your address in the memo section of your payment

For billing questions text or call Noel Brogan at 727-4091927. Text will result in the fastest reply.