What's Hiding in Your Leaves?

Affordable Leaf Removal in Palm Harbor, Dunedin, & Clearwater, FL

Did you know that dead leaves are the perfect breeding ground for mold, mosquitos and other bugs? Shane's Lawn Care leaf removal service is your best option for autumn and winter yard maintenance; in fact, our leaf removal service is a 3-in-1 service:

1. We leave your yard clean so that your foundation remains dry and durable.
2. We prevent snakes and other insects from lurking in your yard by removing their ideal hiding environment.
3. We remove moist areas where mosquitoes and mold breed.

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Fall Foliage Removal for Your Palm Harbor, Dunedin, & Clearwater, FL Property

As pretty as leaves are, they are also damaging to your property. If there are enough accumulated, leaves can kill the grass in your yard. If you have a lot of trees, you need fall foliage removal from Shane's Lawn Care.

Protect your yard and remove the hassle of raking leaves with leaf removal services in Palm Harbor, Dunedin, & Clearwater, FL today. Call 727-409-0045 to schedule an appointment today!